Why gold?

In deeply simplified terms, the activity of Tarsem SA is based on the fundamental conviction that the actual monetary system does not have solid basis as every country can print as much of currency as they need. 

The actual currency is a national debt acceptance and based on the trust (fiduciary money). . . and nothing else. We also believe that, since the global abandonment of the Bretton-Wood agreement and by consequence of the gold standard, countries can easily go overdebt and hide an economical bankruptcy by the emission of fresh money.

Switzerland used to have a legal minimum coverage of 40% which had been cancelled with the new constitution in 2000. But, in reality, Switzerland had to resign the legal coverage already in 1992, forced by the entrance in FMI.

Between 1930 and 1975, many countries (ex.: USA with the Gold Reserve act, Roosewelt) punished private possession of gold by condemnations up to 10 years of prison. A strategical next step in overdebited countries will probably be the abandonment of cash.

Who will be able to control the correct economical situation of the country ? A total control of population through a dependancy of credit cards and banking accounts.

Countries like China have decided to fix a modern gold standard, and, in opposition to the London market, the Shanghai Gold Exchange appears to be a real market with immediate delivery of the traded gold. No fake papers, only real product. India and Russia are following straight behind..